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Hello, there! I'm Elena! I am a proud Deafie, and the creator and currently the sole provider of HABP. I created HABP in the fall of 2013 to help the Deaf and Hard of Hearing who struggled with the extra expense of purchasing hearing aid batteries as I had in the past. I have my moments where I struggle still, but not as bad as before. 

For years, I didn't have a stable job, let alone a stable income. I struggled for what seemed to be forever. I had no faith nor hope left in my fight. I ran out of hearing aid batteries and had no money coming in to get myself more. I definitely understand the feeling of failure and the sense of pride that you have to put aside and ask for help. I know the additional stress you add on yourself upon asking, because you have another thing in debt. I know what it feels like to not have the money you need and live in a society where you feel like you need  to be able to hear, otherwise you feel lost without your hearing aids or cochlear implant. 


And then your batteries die... 

and you run out... 

You have no money until XYZ days

or you don't have money coming in at all


Elena smiling with her hair covering one eye in a pink top, looking directly into the camera.

People are starting to get frustrated with always lending you money, and pretty soon... you won't have anyone to ask for help.

Now, you do. You have HABP to turn to, and you always will.  



I currently recieve random, but not often donors. I do not have any sponsors, and I do not raise money towards batteries. All the batteries that I have provided my clients have come from my own pocket. I am not rich. I am far from it, actually.


I wanted to be the beacon of hope to those who lost it along with faith. My struggle led me to creating HABP. 

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